Range of milling tools contains all common types and shapes. We make them both carbide materials, and from the HSS. Specially designed monolithic mills take into account not only the desired dimension, but also the technology used customer.

After ordering tools customers will be the creation of technological progress, all necessary production drawings and CNC programs. After the Planning of the production process begins, where his every operation monitored with the help of the barcode. It provides complete control over the time course of the contract. Because the customer can be informed about the actual state of completion of the contract.




Based on information from the customer conducts an evaluation of the functionality and quality of the final machining. This information provides our engineers and technologists feedback, which in collaboration with business and technical representatives are used to improve tools. Result recognizes customer savings resulting from eg. A reduction in machining time, increasing service life and reducing sharpening intervals.


Modification tool:
  • Toroidal
  • Ball
  • Conical
  • Rough
  • T-cutter