Company profile

The ANAJ Czech, a.s. (Ltd.) company is currently one of the leading Czech companies focusing on manufacturing and sharpening of special tools for cutting operations in mechanical engineering. 



It has acquired its position on the market especially due to an above-standard technical support, engineering design activity and problem solving directly on spot at the customer‘s. We have top machinery available, as well as good background, skilled staff and high-quality know-how. We would like to become your business partner too. The main area of our activity is the development and manufacturing of rotary and stationary cutting tools made of sintered carbide, cermet and steel powder. We also offer deliveries of clamping systems and special tools with replaceable cutting inserts. We design, develop and manufacture special tools for our customers, which include suppliers of automotive, hydraulic, electronics, power, air and space industries and many other clients, with the use of our own know-how for the solutions of individual requirements in the particular as well as series production. Based on the work-piece drawing we are able not only to design and manufacture the new tool, but also to implement it into the production process at the customer‘s, and thanks to the network of offices of our sales and technical representatives we can provide complex service during the whole period of working life of the tool. We design complex technologies of shaping for new work-pieces and we solve complicated shaping operations from the point of view of the technology as well as from the point of view of work-piece costs; therefore we are able to provide a really complex tool-management. We use the experience acquired during the manufacturing of special tools for adjustment and sharpening of special and standard tools made by well-known companies. An important part of our offer is the coating of tools using the state-of-the-art technologies which ensure a long working life of the resharpened tool.



The origins of the ANAJ mark date back to 1994, when a small family business quickly expanded within the Czech Republic and it patiently kept building its reputation in the strong competition in the areas of tool sharpening and manufacturing. Based on the experience acquired, a particular know-how was created for the area of development and manufacturing of special tools, which made the company establish itself on foreign markets as well. Since the establishment of the company we use the state-of-the-art technologies and we work with modern and highly-efficient machines. Thanks to large investments into regular maintenance and renovation of the machine park we can ensure the required accuracy and quality together with skilled operators. All company processes, including the tool design and development processes comply with the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2016 quality management system standards and were certified by the TÜV certification body. 



Company visions

In the business area, we would like to strenghten our position on the national market in relation to the development of the company and expand more our foreign countries operation.

In the production area we brace our energies for development and manufacturing of hob cutters and tolls for gear manufacturing.