We design and manufacture a complete range of monolithic drills according to customer requirements. For the production of these tools use a very durable carbide and HSS materiaky. To the entire range of our manufactured rotary tools we provide personal technical advice on their application. We also offer a comprehensive range of tools for deep drilling with any customer design modification tool.

To produce premium drills we use machines from renowned manufacturers Anca, Reinecker, Michael Deckel.




Our company offers a wide range of measuring devices from companies Zoller, Mahr, Walter Werth. Every measurement is recorded and all information is archived. Output control is carried out with the agreement on a customer drawing is declared and protocol compliance. Customer's request, we provide measurement protocols according to their needs.




Modification tools:

  • Gradual drill
  • Straight slot
  • Long drills


Dimensions long drills:

5D 10D 15D 25D 35D
 ø min   ø max   L min   L max   ø min   ø max   L min   L max   ø min   ø max   L min   L max   ø min   ø max   L min   L max   ø min   ø max   L min   L max 
3 14 70 150 3 14 80 230 3 14 100 300 3 12,5 130 400 3 9 160 390